Locks Rekey – What Is The Meaning, How We Rekey Locks, When Should You Rekey Your Locks & More!

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Schlage Key Way Locks Rekey

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New homeowners, customers who want to change their home or business locks for better security usually wonder what is the difference between changing the locks and rekeying locks.


First, a general explanation what rekeying a lock means.


When a locksmith rekey a lock –


It means that you keep the existing lock, but changing only the key.

Therefore, the old keys won’t work, but you still get to keep the same lock you had.

In addition, you can choose to have all locks operated on the same key, giving you the convenience of having only one key.

Locks Rekey

Rekey Kit Used By Locksmith

Here is a video which explains the process or rekeying a lock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci5hsXlO3sc

When can locks be rekeyed to the same key and when they must be changed?

The only way to rekey two locks to the same key is when they have the same keyway.

The keyway of the lock is determined by the lock manufacturer. E.g. Kwikset locks and Defiant can be rekeyed to the same key because they have the same keyway.

However, when locks have a different keyway, e.g. Schlage and Kwikset, they cannot operate on the same key and therefore one of the locks must be changed.

Schlage locks rekey

Schlage Locks


When should I rekey my locks?
We recommend calling a locksmith to rekey your home or business locks in the following situations:
  1. First, when you moved into a new home or business. Most times many contractors had the key to the house to perform some work and therefore it would be wise to rekey the locks
  2. Lost keys – in cases where you lost your key. Since someone may have gotten your keys, it would be wise to rekey or change the locks. A Very similar situation where someone has your password for your email account – it is a smart move to change it.
  3. Upgrade your home or business security – in cases where you are worried about your home or business security and would like to have a better security system or have better control on who has and can gain access to your property
  4. Divorce, separation etc. – in situations of divorce, where the other party have the key to gain access, it is recommended to rekey the locks to make sure you are the only one who has the key to get into the property.



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What a locksmith actually do when he rekey the lock?

The process is pretty simple one. The core of the lock is taken out and instead of the pins that are currently there are taken out and replaced by new ones.

Thus, the old key won’t “fit” to the new “code” created by the new pins.

A locksmith will provide a new key that fits the new code and therefore unlock the lock.

Furthermore, when the locksmith matches the key for a few locks, he inserts the same code, or use the same pins for all the locks and therefore the same key will operate them all.

Locks rekey

Lock Cylinder – Process Of Rekeying a Locks


What to tell a locksmith for home or business when you need to change or rekey your locks?


First, mention the reason you want to rekey your locks. The locksmith may offer a better solution for you.

In addition, make sure to mention what type of locks you want to rekey. E.g. residential, commercial, deadbolts, door knobs etc.

Furthermore, if you know the lock manufacture mention it as well. E.g. Kwikset, Schlage, Defiant, Yale etc.

Moreover, discuss with the locksmith what is a better option to handle the security situation you have. Sometimes it better to change the locks or to upgrade your security system instead of rekeying the locks.

Finally, ask for a quote based on the information you provided.

What is the cost to rekey a lock?

To rekey a lock ranges between $20-$50 depends on the type of lock, the labor involved to disassemble it and more.

Can you give examples of locks that can be rekeyed to the same key?
Double sided dead bolt rekey

Double Sided Dead Bolt – Kwikset

Yes. The most common brands today in the US are Kwikset, Schlage, Yale, and Defiant. Those can be found in most hardware stores.

Kwikset, Yale, and Defiant can be rekeyed to the same key as they have the same keyway.

Schlage has a different keyway and therefore cant be matched with these other locks.

Please call us for any additional information you need.


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