All The Info You Need About How To Choose The Right High Security Lock For Your Home Or Business


Nowadays, with all the information that is available online about how to pick and drill locks, more and more people are interested in better, more secure locks for their home or business.

Therefore, high-security locks are becoming more and more common for both residential and commercial use.

High-security locks are locks that are harder to pick and/or drill. In addition, they offer a restricted keyway of the keys, which makes them harder to duplicate. In other words, they have special keys that are not available in hardware stores and even locksmiths need to order them directly from the supplier, which of course, makes them very hard to duplicate. This is a very unique advantage that high-security locks have over regular locks. While home and business owners who have regular locks can’t know for sure how many duplicate keys of their home or business locks were made, and even more important, who has those keys, with high-security locks, once you have all your keys, it pretty safe to say that there is a very slim chance that there are some unauthorized duplicates.

We will go over the pros and cons of high-security locks, what they offer, how to choose the right lock, and more.

Which high-security lock is the right one for me?

To answer that question you will have first to decide how much money are you willing to invest and your needs.

There many different types of high security locks, for residential and commercial use and they vary in price.

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Here are some general things to consider:

 First, understand if you only interested in better locks, more durable, more secure or you also need to allow access for many people at a different time of day. While most residential customers will be satisfied with basic locks, business owners probably will have different needs.

 In addition, decide if you want to purchase the locks yourself, or buy it from a professional locksmith who would also install the locks.

 We would recommend for most customers to buy the locks from a locksmith, who would also do the installation as these locks are more complicated to install.

 Moreover, remember that high security locks have a unique keyway. In other words, you will not be able to make copies in a hardware store.

 Therefore, it would be wise to have some extra copies while you purchase the locks.

 Finally, remember that no lock provide 100% security against break-ins.

What type of high security locks are there? Can you explain the difference?

Today, we can find virtually any type of locks e.g. deadbolt, doorknob, rim cylinder or mortise lock in their high security version. That being said, there are a few differences which mainly relate to installation.

In addition, even if your home or business door has a special lock or setup, most chances you will be able to replace it with high security lock with minor adjustments.

Therefore, regardless of the type of lock you currently have, it is safe to say you will be able to find a good replacement.

In the picture above we can see a doorknob, which has a high security cylinder, combined with high security deadbolt. This is the most common setup, for both residential and commercial doors.

In the picture above, we can see a mortise cylinder, mostly use for business doors, which has an interchangeable core. Therefore, an high security cylinder can be installed instead of the regular one.

We can see that virtually any type of lock can be transformed to an high security. Therefore, you should consider which one is the right for you and then move forward and choose the right design, style, color etc.

I decided I want to install high security locks on my home/business door. Now what?

Once you decided that you want to upgrade your home or business security and install high security locks, you have two options.

We will go over each one, including the pros and cons, cost, etc.

The most common ways are:

  1. Call a locksmith – Call a locksmith and have him/her provide the locks and installation. We can help you with that.
  2. Buy and install the locks yourself. You can order your lock here online.

Call a locksmith and let him choose, provide and install the right lock for you.

This is probably not only the safe way to go, but also the right one as most people do not have experience with locks functions and especially installation.

A professional locksmith can and should provide you with an evaluation about your home or office security, understand your needs and then accordingly recommend which lock suits you the most.

In addition, locksmiths usually have access to different types, brand, and high security products that you are, as a consumer, will not have the ability to purchase. Therefore, they can recommend and provide a better solution to your needs than you would.

Furthermore, installation of high security locks requires knowledge and experience as it more complicated than regular locks and professional installation by a locksmith can prevent future issues and problems.

Finally, when you have a locksmith install and provide the locks, you should be able to have a warranty on the locks and labor, which may be a good idea considering the price of these locks.

What should I tell a locksmith before calling for service?

When calling for service for high security locks, it is even more important to be as specific and detailed as possible. Many additional factors are coming into place with high security locks, especially for business such as durability, controlled access, existing locks, door setup and more.

Therefore, the best way to approach this is simply to ask the locksmith for a free estimate. This is a common request, especially when more than one or two locks involved. In addition, you can explain in a few words to the locksmith what you want or need and then try to schedule the free estimate.

Finally, it would be a good idea to ask for a rough estimate per lock, including labor. If the price seems high to you(more than $300 per lock including installation) then it would be smart to keep researching for a better price.


Q) I currently have Schlage locks on my home door. I would like to upgrade my home security and install high security locks. How much does it usually cost

A) Depends on the brand you choose(Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, Sargent etc.) you can expect to pay about $100 per lock plus the price on installation, which is usually about $50. In addition, depends on the type of lock you choose(doorknob, dead bolt, mortise etc.) there may be additional charges for adjustment.

Q) What is the best high security lock? How should I choose the right one for my business?

A) Most brands offer variety of high security locks, including some with restricted keyways. The final decision should be made based on your business needs. We recommend having a good lock on the front door, which can be either mortise lock or deadbolt. Moreover, it would be wise to consult with a locksmith about the right setup and your specific needs before changing the locks.

Q) I have a mortise lock cylinder and would like to replace it with high security cylinder. How can I do that? Do I need to buy a new lock or is it possible to change only the cylinder?

A) In most cases, you will need to change the lock completely. The only way to replace the cylinder only is if you already have an interchange core mortise lock, which most businesses do not. Furthermore, once you do change it, you will be able to change only the cylinder in the future, should you choose to do so.

Q) I would like to install high security padlock with key override. How can I do that? Do I need to purchase the lock cylinder and keypad separately or are there built-in lock ready?

A) There shouldn’t be any problem to get any type of high security lock, including Bio-metric, keypad, and others as high security with key override. Most high security locks brands, such as Mul-T-Lock and Medeco, make those locks and have a complete ready to install sets of locks in different design and finish.

Here is an example of our work:

New commercial hardware installed.

Mul-t-lock high-security locks.  Nothing but the best.