Keypad locks – All You Need To Know about Keypad Locks. Cost, Functions and More.


Keypad lock is a regular lock with the option to operate not only with a key but also without. Keypad locks come in different shapes and functions and can be installed and operate as doorknobs or deadbolt.

In addition, keypad locks are also very common for key control purposes, i.e. for people who are interested in limiting the access to a certain room. This function is usually used by business owners who want to give certain access to certain employees for certain areas in their business or realtors who want to give a code instead of a key for people to enter a property.

Finally, keypad locks are also a good option simply to upgrade the security of your home or business, as they can be installed with a HIGH-SECURITY LOCK OPTION.

What you need to know and consider before buying a keypad lock. Few things to remember.

First, consider your budget. Basic keypad locks start at about cost $70. In addition, you should consider installation by a professional locksmith, especially for commercial or high-security locks. Therefore, the total price is even higher.

Second, think about the main purpose you need this lock. There are many keypad locks out there, most of them with the very same security lever. However, the price changes drastically from one brand to another, and sometimes even for the same brand, you can see a huge difference in price, without any good reason other than design.

Furthermore, remember that the basic idea of keypad lock is to provide security without the need for a key. Don’t be tempted by additional options like a fingerprint or Bluetooth access if you don’t really need it.

Finally, as always, do your research about the product and the service installation by a professional locksmith. You would be surprised the difference in prices between different shops and locksmith services.

Which keypad lock is right for me – Residential and commercial keypad locks.

Choosing the right keypad lock can be a bit confusing. There are so many of them out there, with a price tag that ranges between $70-$1000 (for most common locks). Therefore, we outlined some common options for you to consider.

Keypad Installed with Lever Handle

Lever Handle keypad locks:

Lever handle keypad lock is mostly used for residential and commercial purposes and provide basic security. This option usually has a key override, in case the battery died or there is some malfunction with the lock.

In addition, there are many different grades for this type of keypad, so you can decide the one if right for you.

Lever Handle keypads – pros and cons.


Easy to operate and install.

2. Provide good security, especially for inner doors.

3. Keypads locks are available in many colors, shapes, and designs and can be adjusted to all doors.


1. Basic security – Handle keypads, just the same as doorknobs, provide only basic security. For additional security, we recommend adding a deadbolt lock.

2. Most chances you will need a professional locksmith to install it for you.

3. Price – Starts at about $70 for a very basic one. In other words, for this price of a handle lock, you could get both door knob and deadbolt.

The next images show before and after the keypad lock installation.

Before: here we can see a doorknob and a deadbolt which are key operated.

Old Locks On Door – Key Operated

Old Locks On Door – Key Operated – Inside Look

After: here we see how it looks like after installation of keypad lock and a handle door. Keyless entry, combined with a beautiful lever handle, makes things look much better and way more convenient.

Keypad Lock Installed W/ Lever Handle

Keypad Lock Installed W/ Lever Handle

Keypad Lock Installed W/ Lever Handle. Inside Look of New Locks