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Emergency lockout service

What to do and ways to unlock the door in case you are locked out of your home or office:

Home or business lockouts are frustrating situations. When that happens there are a few things you can do to unlock the door and get in.

Depends on the home or business lockout, we will describe a few different options.

First, In case you lost your house or office keys, first try to think maybe a friend, family member or a colleague have a spare key. If you are locked out and have no spare, calling a locksmith would be your best choice.

Call a Locksmith:

A locksmith can unlock all home or office door locks, including deadbolts and door knobs. If you lost your home or office keys, please remember that the lock would have to be open first, and only then a locksmith may be able to make you a new key. Sometimes, depends on the type of lock, a new lock may need to be installed. Also remember that if a new lock or deadbolt is installed, you will have a different key.

In case you are locked out of home or office and you just locked your keys inside and there only the doorknob is locked / lever handle, the situation is more simple.

All the locksmith will have to do is just unlock the doorknob, and since you have the keys, no new lock will have to be installed.

How to unlock home or office door – methods used by a locksmith:

Pick tools

The old and good pick tools, used by a professional locksmith, is an excellent, lock – safe method to unlock most of residential and office door locks. Of course, it is not as easy as in the movies, but a professional locksmith may be able to unlock the door within a few minutes. Please keep in mind the home lockout situation is different from office lockout since the type of lock used is most of the time different.

Bump key

This special cut type of key is used to unlock over 70% of all residential locks in the US. It can be used to unlock Kwikset and Schlage keyways locks so it is a very common way. Unfortunately, not only locksmiths can use this method.

In addition, bump keys are only good when the lockout is as a result of a regular lock, not high-security locks. High-security lockouts are more complicated to solve and most of the times are pick and bump key proof.

Drill the lock

This method is mostly used as the last option. A professional locksmith shouldn’t use this unless he tried all other option. Keep in mind, once you drill the lock, you will be unlocked and ruined as well. Please think twice before you authorized a locksmith to drill your doorknob or deadbolt to unlock your door.

Q: What type of house or office lockouts are there? Is there a difference in the way they are being unlocked by a locksmith?

Keypad lock to avoid office lockout

A: There are many types of locks and issues that may cause a lockout situation. Most of the time its simply because we don’t pay attention and lock the door behind us without taking the key with us or simply lost the key.

Let’s take a look at the most common type of house or office lockouts:

Group A: (Caused by us)

Group B: (Lock malfunction)

home lockout service cost

The first question that people usually ask when they call for service is, well, can a locksmith open a house door? The answer is yes! Locksmiths can unlock all type of doors and locks. The only question is, what will it take to do so.

The second question, and rightly so, is how much does a locksmith charge or how much does it cost to unlock a house or office door.

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High security locks for residential home
Keypad lock to avoid home lockout

Well, the price can vary.

Let’s go over the options. In a nutshell, to unlock a house or office door can cost anywhere between $75-$400. In depends on a few factors:

  1. Type of lock you have (doorknob, deadbolt, high security lock etc.)
  2. Lock grade – The better the grade is, the more expansive it is to unlock as it probably has more pins.
  3. Lock setup – is the lock part of an emergency door device or simple deadbolt?
  4. Your location – Most locksmiths charge a service fee based on how far you are from them.
  5. Time of day – Calling for emergency lockout service after hours may increase the price drastically.
  6. Replacement lock – if the lock was drilled, there is an additional cost to replace it.

The most important factor may be the type of lock you have. Remember that for a simple residential lock, such as Kwikset or Schlage, the cost to unlock shouldn’t be more than $125, including the service fee. In addition, if you are locked out during daytime, you may be able to find a locksmith that can do it for even less.

Rim lock on emergency exit device

However, if you have a high security lock, or lost both keys or the doorknob and the deadbolt and/or locked out at nighttime or weekend, expect to pay somewhere between $250-$400.

How long does it take for a locksmith to open a door?

Depends on the type of lock and setup you have, it may take a locksmith anywhere between two to thirty minutes to unlock your home or office doors.

Most residential doorknobs and deadbolts are usually picked within a minute or two if the locksmith knows what he or she is doing.

Moreover, remember that for most locks, there is no need to drill the lock. The locksmith should be able to unlock it with pick tools.

Kwikset residential doorknob - very common and very easy to unlock by a professional locksmith
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