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Choosing the right lock for your home or business can be challenging.

There are a few things to consider before purchasing new locks. Here we will go over each option, what you should pay attention to, what common mistakes you should avoid and more.

Combo door lock set – Doorknob and deadbolt
Commercial Grade Lever Handle Lock

Before choosing the right lock, you should know what your needs are. Therefore, consider what level of security you need, how many people are going to use this lock every day, is it important for you to have control on who gets in and when etc.

Residential customers usually don’t need very durable locks as not many people are using it every day. In addition, smart lock such as Bluetooth or fingerprint locks are less relevant as they cost too much with no actual benefits.

However, a business owner who has 10 or more employees, and would like to know when they entered a storage room or restricted area, should consider high-security locks with a better grade cylinder.

Lock Brands:

Very often people who are interested in installing new locks ask questions like: “what is the best lock brand”, “what is the best door locks for home security” and “what is the best deadbolt lock”.

These questions are very important and require some thought before making a decision.

We did research for you about the most common lock brands for residential and commercial.

Let’s go over them: Keypad Locks

Kwikset Deadbolt Lock – Very common lock for residential purposes
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