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In order to serve you better and to provide you with more accurate quotes for your specific lock & key needs, 24/7 Mobile Locksmith provides below some basic definitions to describe its main services and other general terms.

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Technical Info



To Re-key a lock it means that we change only the combination of the pins inside the lock. By doing so, you keep your old lock, and the old key would not work anymore. When is it a good idea to re-key your locks?

  • When you have lost your keys.
  • When someone has stolen your keys.
  • When you have fired one of your employees.
  • When you buy a new house.
  • When your roommate has left the apartment, and he/she still has the keys.

24/7 Mobile Locksmith offers Rekey solutions for most major brands, these include (but are not limited to) Kwikset, Schlage, Arrow, Baldwin, Assa Abloy, Defaint & more.

Change / Replace a Lock

To change a lock it means that we take the old lock off and install a new one. The new lock includes new keys, tumbler, and latch. When is it recommended to change your locks?

  • After a break-in, most of the time the locks are damaged.
  • When you want to upgrade your security.

24/7 Mobile Locksmith offers variety of high security locks. These include (but are not limited to) Medeco, Mul – T- Lock, and Scorpion.

Install a Lock

To install / add a new lock on wood / metal / security door that currently does not have a space in the door for it. In this case we drill a hole that will be compatible with the new lock. When is recommended to install a lock?

  • Extra security – Sometimes when a door has only a door knob an additional dead bolt can provide a very good and inexpensive solution.
  • Privacy – You just moved into new apartment and your bedroom door has no lock on it. Adding a simple door knob or dead bolt can be a very convenience solution.

General technical terms

Door knob
A simple lock device that enables you to open and close doors. Door knobs can be installed on most wood, metal and security doors. 24/7 Mobile Locksmith offers a huge variety of door knobs in different finishes and shapes.

Dead Bolt
A type of lock with a long & strong latch that provides basic security. Dead Bolts can be installed on most wood, metal and security doors. 24/7 Mobile Locksmith offers a huge variety of Dead Bolts for residential & commercial customers in varying security grades.

Push Bar (also known as a Panic Bar)
A device that enables you to open doors from the inside in case of emergency situation without any keys necessary. Push bars are usually installed in businesses or public facilities in order to ensure a fast exit in case of emergencies. 24/7 Mobile Locksmith offers a variety of panic bars and additional exit devices from the best manufactures, these include: Detex, Assa Abloy, Corbin Russwin and more.

High Security Locks
Very strong and durable locks combined with a specific key way makes these locks and cylinders very hard to open generally, and to pick and drill specifically. A high security lock has a restricted key that is very hard to duplicate by unauthorized locksmith. High security locks provide good protection against “bump keys” as well as other break-in entry methods and tools. 24/7 Mobile Locksmith provides a variety of high security locks and restricted keys by special order, with no additional charge to you. Some of the brands we use include Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Scorpion and more.

Master Key
This type of key is designed to match any and all locks that are members of a certain group of locks. While the common belief is that these keys will open all locks, that is simply not the case. The only locks that a master key can open are ones that are made not only with interchangeable keyways, but also produced by the same lock manufacturer.

The component within a lock, be it a safe lock or a key lock, or any lock for automotive, residential, and/or commercial uses, that must align into a specific order in order for that lock to open up. This can be accomplished when a certain key (more precisely, the teeth on that key) shifts those tumblers into that specific positions. In the case of safe locks, the tumblers are adjusted and aligned when the correct combination is entered or dialed.

Keyless Entry Lock
These locks provide a modern alternative to locking one’s residence or commercial business. Instead of employing the use of keys-which can be lost or misplaced-these locks require a simple combination that must be memorized. The combination is punched in and unlocks the mechanism. As most brands carry their own models of keypad combinations and entry lock, our locksmiths can help provide you with the perfect one for your household or commercial environment, from any of the top-notch brands-like Baldwin, Kwikset, Yale, and Medeco.

A household name since 1973, Mul-T-Lock offers some of the most reliable high security locks on the market. Whether a customer wants to protect her or his home or office, Mul-T-Lock brand locks assure the best in lock solutions. And with their wide variety of products, from innovative 3 in 1 cylinders and vehicle locking solutions, padlocks, electronic door solutions, and rim cylinders, any patron will be sure to find the perfect Mul-T-Lock brand lock.

It’s no coincidence that Kwikset has been supplying name-brand lock solutions to countless customers for over 60 years. Whenever any layman has to consider names of lock companies, Kwikset is undeniably one of the first names. That’s because its breadth of services and products can be seen all over-from handlesets, levers, electronic locks, and deadbolts, to doorknobs and hybrid cylinder. Kwikset is known to keep a client safe, in homes and offices worldwide, and they never sway from that commitment.

Decade in and decade out Schlage has proven why it is one of the most ubiquitous and trustworthy lock manufacturers in the business. Countless homeowners and business owners rely on the quality craftsmanship in each and every Schlage lock solution for their commercial settings and households. Whenever a customer chooses to work with Schlage, there’s no doubt that he or she will find the perfect lock for any application. With the deadbolts, lock accessories, padlocks, cables, and electronic security solutions, there’s a huge selection that Schlage offers, setting is apart from the competition. And while they may offer an extensive range of styles and models for doorknobs, levers, handlesets, and more, they never will sacrifice the security for appearance. With Schlage, the customer’s security always comes first.

This company has affirmed its distinction for superior lock making for over a century and a half. Since its founding in 1840, customers have depended on the standards of this highly respected lock manufacturer for all their residential and commercial security needs. And Yale has never wavered from their dedication to the customers, as this company always finds ways to innovate and strengthen the lock solutions in its catalog, ranging all the way from lock cases, window locks, padlocks, bike locks, cylinders, and digital locking options, to door bolts, nightlatches, travel locks, and a whole lot more. Yale never lets a customer down, not in service or safety.

Lock Repairs
Our trained professionals will always be able to assist you with whatever repairs you might need for whatever brand of locks you might have. That means you could have a damaged lock for any purpose-be it commercial, residential, or automotive-and our locksmiths will make sure that you won’t have to go to the trouble and expense of buying and entirely new lock to replace the faulty one. Trust in our locksmiths to get your lock up and running and your security back to its proper strength.

Mortise Lock
These locks require a compartment, known also as the “mortise”, to be fashioned out from a part of the door or wherever the lock will be fitted. The lock body is the component of the lock found within the door, the lock trim is what a customer sees on the exterior of the lock. These types of locks are known for their durability and strength. The other common lock you might encounter is a bored cylindrical lock.

Bored Cylindrical Lock
The lock is fasted to one’s door through two perpendicular holes hollowed out of the door’s material. These tend to be the most common locks one might use; they are the simple handle locks attached to most North American homes. They can be found in a large variety of styles, offered by conceivably every lock manufacturer, for residential and commercial applications.

This lock manufacturer has established itself as a leader in the household and commercial lock supply business. Its name is familiar to most everyone who has been using locks since 1968, the year of this company’s establishment, as it can be found on a whole host of lock products. From rim locks, padlocks, and electronic cylinders to mortise locks and camlocks, Medeco has affirmed itself as a name that signifies trust. Our locksmiths can help you achieve the security of your building with the promises maintained by any lock from Medeco.

Baldwin locks have garnered the reputation the world over for lock solutions that not only provide stellar security, but also exquisite designs that will match any door-including doors in both offices and residential settings. Baldwin is the name countless customers turn to when searching for a lock solution that not only will guarantee safety, but also when those customers want to search a large selection of lock models in order to find just the right style of lock. With all the finishes and flourishes and high security that Baldwin locks provide, one can never go wrong with Baldwin locks.


Facts about Burglary in the US:

What can you do to avoid home burglary?

Despite the fact that there is no guaranteed way to keep a burglar out, there are few simple steps that may help to avoid burglary. Even if you can not afford high security lock system or CCTV you can still take a few moments to make your residence a little bit safer.
    1. Keep the doors closed and locked. Make sure you also lock the dead bolt and not just the door knob. Pay attention to lock any side door and also the garage door.
    2. Do not leave any valuable items like a barbecue grill or bicycle in plain view from the street. That can attract a potential burglar.
    3. Keep your windows closed and locked.
If you are considering taking a vacation, make sure not to specify exact dates on your answering machine. In addition, ask a neighbor to empty your mail box once in a while. Overflowing mailbox tells a burglar there is no one at home.
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