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24/7 Mobile Locksmith would like to provide the following security and safety tips in order to help you to improve your home, business and automobile security:

Technical Info

Tips #1:

Replace old keys that are either wearing down or have been worn down flat. The teeth on these keys need to be properly sharp in order for them to move the tumblers within your locks, which in turn opens up the lock itself. If your keys are already quite old, and you recognize that it is getting harder to open up your locks, it is definitely time to get key replacements. For your security and for your convenience a key replacement, whether it’s for your automobile, home, or office, would be the best solution for your safety. Call up our locksmiths to have new keys cut for whatever application.

Tips #2:

Very often we have customers coming to us requesting an upgrade in their home and/or office security. One of the first things we recommend to them, if they haven’t got one already, is an installation of a deadbolt on their front door. Deadbolts are one of the most reliable forms of commercial and residential security. However, it isn’t always easy for a customer to decide on the best option. Like everything, there are good brands and there are unreliable brands. Not all deadbolts are created equal. This is why our locksmith specialists would be more than glad to not only help you install your deadbolts with professional-grade service, but to also help you in the selection process. Our knowledgeable locksmiths have an excellent understanding of what deadbolts best match a person’s security needs—as well as which deadbolts are the most dependably safe. Let us know how much help you need with upgrading your security in the category of deadbolt solutions.

Tips #3:

Sometimes, our patrons eschew professional locksmith service when it comes to installing locks in their offices or homes. There’s nothing wrong with that. If a patron knows enough about commercial or residential security and the proper techniques and equipment, then we would never discourage personal initiative. However, according to the experiences of our locksmith contractors, some of our clients often need help with their do-it-yourself experiments. If you are interested in performing your own lock installation, we would strongly suggest you at least contact our locksmith specialists and request a lock inspection. We’ll examine the strength and reliability of the newly-installed lock. If for any reason it does not pass the proper standards—standards that are established expressly with your personal safety in mind—then we would strongly recommend that our experts remedy whatever issues are involved.

Tips #4:

When it comes to home safes or office safes there are many practices and guidelines that should be observed. Our locksmiths would recommend that, in order to become best familiar with the code on the safe, the safe should be used daily. Also, its best to change the code every so often: this will strengthen the security of the mechanism. Finally, the safe should not be placed in a location that’s easy to discover; intruders should not be able to find your safe with little to no effort.

Tips #5:

If you’ve installed a lock on any door in your business or household and are quite confident in your installation skills, you might still want to request assistance from our highly qualified locksmiths. Many customers have put their own locks into their doors without the help of our experts. However, when it comes to your home or office security, you don’t want to take any chances. Professional installations are always best: our locksmiths have the experience and skill that is simply not common to just any layman. This is why we recommend you call up our locksmith specialists to at least inspect the condition of your lock. We’ll be able to provide a comprehensive analysis of the stability of your lock.

Tips #6:

Every so often, key replacements become absolutely necessary for all those who lock up their homes, offices, or cars. With years of use comes years of wear: keys don’t last forever, which is why it becomes imperative to have them replaced when they are showing signs of wear—and especially when they are worn down almost to complete flatness. Call up our locksmith professionals and have your automotive, residential, and/or office security assured. A brand new key cut by our experts means a brand new working key, one that will most certainly lock up your possessions better than the old one that it’s replacing.

Tips #7:

It’s always recommended that a person reviews the deadbolt upon which he relies when it comes to his office or home security. One might think that the deadbolt attached to his home is a top-of-the-line model, and yet be completely surprised at how obsolete the model has become. Our locksmiths come in contact with many instances like these; when it comes to one’s personal security, such precautions should always be considered. Allow our general contractors to review the status of your door’s deadbolt: they’ll determine if it is indeed obsolete and needs to be replaced. If not, they can always suggest a simple rekeying just to reinforce the security provided by that lock. Whatever the case may be, you can rely upon our trained locksmiths to deliver the right safety solutions to your home or office, especially in circumstances related to deadbolts.

Tips #8:

Safes in the home or office should be treated with very specific and important procedure. Regardless of what is in your safe, it should be treated with the proper consideration. For instance, the owner of the safe, whether it is the homeowner or the owner of the company, should use the safe daily: one should become completely at ease with the mechanics of the safe, as well as knowing the code as well as possible. Secondly, the code for the safe should be altered with regularity. In order to confuse possible intruders, one should use different codes every so often. And the safe should never be placed anywhere that’s easy to observe: it should certainly be hidden from sight. If you’d like any personal assistance regarding any of these necessary steps for proper safe safety, feel free to contact our general contractors and they’ll take care of any outstanding difficulties with your home or office safe.

Tips #9:

In order to ensure the very highest standards of home, office, or automotive security, lock rekeys should be performed every so often—as often as once a year, if possible. Ask any of our trained locksmiths and they will tell you no hesitation that one of the most effective methods for maintaining business, automotive, or residential security is the upkeep of one’s locks through regular lock rekeys. Having these rekeys done in your home, car, or business will make certain that anyone who previously had access to any part of your property will now be restricted. This will allow you to sustain control over your own safety, letting you regularly determine who is or is not allowed around your possessions. Let our locksmith professionals know whenever you’d like such a service performed. Many of our customers demand this service of us; they enjoy the assurance it gives them. Call us up if you’d like the same reassurance.

Tips #10:

Your vehicle’s security does not end with the locks that are already a part of it: you need to make sure that garage in which your car is placed is properly secured with a heavy-duty garage lock. Many times patrons of ours request an upgrade in their car security. Often, we’ll recommend that a high security garage lock, one that we can almost guarantee will keep your door shut tight no matter what damage might be done to your garage. Such a solution, which could involve office or residential situations, requires the expertise of our skilled specialists. Give us a call and ask us how we can make your garage properly secure with a dependable, well fortified garage lock.

Tips #11:

To make the most of the automotive security options that are available to you, get familiar with the steering column lock that is likely to be fitted to your car. This steering lock is one of the most dependable methods of auto anti-theft. Generally speaking, this column lock is found right beneath the steering wheel itself. It works alongside the ignition switch—once the ignition is activated or deactivated, the same will be said of your steering column lock. If you experience any issues regarding your steering column lock—whether it is not working as expected or you would like more help understanding the device—our local locksmiths are always available to give you whatever assistance you could need.

Tips #12:

Get deadbolts installed in your new home after you move. There’s always the chance that the previous owners of your home still have the keys, and you would not want any unwanted visitors making their way into your residence. In order to prevent such an occurrence, our professional locksmiths recommend having deadbolts installed in all the appropriate entranceways of your home. Deadbolts are often the most reliable kind of household security solutions—as they’re both powerfully constructed and extremely challenging to pick open. Not only that, but they’ll, of course, eliminate the worry attached to previous tenants getting into your house (these people might have the key to the simple lock below, but not the high-security deadbolt). If you’d like help in installing such devices; if you want a professional’s advice on which brands and which models make the best choices, and which doorways need the most protection, then get in touch with our locksmiths. We’ll be able to provide you with all the home security solutions you need.

Tips #13:

Always make duplicates of your car keys, especially if they are transponder/chip keys and VATs keys. These styles of keys are often the most expensive kinds, and replacing them entirely is much less cost-effective than simply having them duplicated.

Tips #14:

Double-check the security standards of your commercial setting with a comprehensive examination of your offices by a well-qualified locksmith. You might think that your office meets the highest standards of safety, but you’d be surprised by how many vulnerabilities a robber can find. These intruders are very crafty when it comes to exploiting weaknesses, but our professional locksmiths are even more skilled: we’ll be able to get an overview of your entire business and see what needs improvement. It’s always a good idea to have an expert come in and get an estimation of your current security standards—even if you know you have every area covered. Our specialists promise to be very respectful and thorough in their detection and overview services. They tend to always catch at least one significant area that’s been overlooked.

Tips #15:

Protect your vehicle as efficiently as possible with proper garage security. There are many aspects of garage safety that can get the job done. One recommendation is to have your windows of your garage frosted or covered up, which will prevent thieves from seeing whether or not your car is in fact insider your garage. You’ll also want to make sure your garage is locked up at all times—even when the car isn’t inside, and even when there are people at home. A peephole installation is also a good solution when you want to see who’s lurking outside of your garage door (when you, of course, would prefer to keep your garage closed). For any other suggestions that might be of particular service to your specific garage situation, call up our local locksmiths and they’ll tend to your unique needs on a personal level.
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