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We offer 24 hr Lost Car Key services for all makes and models.
For more specific information we recommend visiting: LOST CAR KEYS REPLECEMENT

A partial list of our lost car key services:

Need specific information about your car key? Visit: LOST CAR KEYS REPLECEMENT

Lost Car Keys Replacement – Non Transponder Key

Lost Car Keys Replacement – transponder chip key

Lost Car Keys Replacement – remote key fob

FAQ Lost car key services:

Q.) How to find lost car keys? What should I do?

A.) We asked our customers who called us for service, and then found their keys, where did they find the keys. Here are the most common answers we received: 1.Most of the time, the keys were located with 20ft of the car. In addition, especially if you think you lost your keys at home, try to look again at the last 2 places you were. Most chances you will find your keys there. 2.The trunk of your car – very often, especially after doing grocery shopping people accidentally put the keys in the trunk and just don’t pay attention. 3.Office or work – Try to look at the drawers of your desk. This is the most common place people forget their keys and just lose them. Then, the following day, they get to work and find them.

Q.) Do you make replacement car keys if I lost my original and do not have a spare?

Transponder Car Keys Replacement - On site coding needed
Transponder Car Keys Replacement – On site coding needed
A.) We can definitely do that for you. Our automotive lost car keys technicians are just like a mobile shop. We come to you and make you a new car key on site. Want more relevant information about car keys? Visit: LOST CAR KEYS REPLECEMENT

Q.) How do you make a new key if I lost my original car key and there is no spare?

A.) In general, There are two ways to make new car keys. First, to get a code from the dealer and then cut the key. Second, by the impression which a professional auto locksmith can do on site.

Q.) What would be the right way to get a new car key if I don’t have the original?

A.) There are a few options. You can two the car to the dealer, call an automotive locksmith or order a key online. Please keep in mind that the third option not always available.

Q.) How much does it usually cost to get a replacement key?

car key replacement cost depends on the type of key you had
car key replacement cost depends on the type of key you had
A.) There are a few factors to consider. Type of key, year make and model, your location, time of day and more. For most cars made until 2008, during regular business hours within city limits: Usually not more than $250 For most cars made after 2008, during regular business hours within city limits: Usually about $250-$400 In addition, high-end cars, such as BMW, Mercedes etc, the price may be even higher.

Q.) What is a VIN number of a car? Can I get a replacement key with it?

A.) The VIN number is a series of numbers and letters that are assigned to each and every vehicle. The VIN number contains all the relevant information about the car such as when it was made, manufacturer, in which country it was made, type of engine and more. In addition, the VIN gives the dealer or an automotive locksmith the right information about how to cut you a new key. It is important to have it before calling a locksmith. For more information Click Here

Q.) What is car key programming machine? Who can help me program my key?

One this picture we can see a programming/coding machine. Most key fobs and transponder keys need to be coded to start your car. Except for GM keys and remotes, all other car keys need to be programmed with a special machine such as in this image. The process itself is pretty fast, usually less than 15-20 minutes to program most keys. An automotive locksmith or your dealership should be able to help you get your keys programmed.
Car key coding machine
Car key coding machine

Q.) Can I program my car key myself?

A.) Some keys for some models such as Ford, Chevy, Lincoln, Buick etc, may have the option of self-programming. Please note that it is most relevant for models made before 2008. Most cars made after 2008 require additional equipment that only an automotive locksmith or the dealer has.

Q.) I have a 2015 Jeep Patriot and my key just broke off into my ignition. Half of the key is still stuck in my ignition as well. I do not have a spare and I don’t want to have my vehicle towed to the dealer. My car is parked on the street, would you be able to send someone to me?

A.) We can definitely send a technician to your location. First, our technician will extract the broken key from the ignition. Then he will determine whether or not he can make a new key off of the existing ignition. If the ignition is damaged, all of our technicians have the capability to replace the damaged ignition with a new one on-site. Once the new ignition is installed he will then have to cut & program a new Transponder ignition key. We assure you that all of our technicians can service most if not all, types of vehicles and they are trained in these specific circumstances! We will not leave your location until you have a working ignition and or key!

Q.) Keys are locked in the trunk of my 2011 Honda Element and I need a locksmith right away. Would you be able to make a spare key in case I happen to lockout myself out again? The car is parked in a public parking lot. Can you help?

A.) Sure. We will send a technician to your location to retrieve your keys from your trunk. In addition, our locksmiths work 24/7 and our response time is usually within 20 minutes after your information has been dispatched. A 2011 Honda Element requires Transponder equipment which all of our technicians can provide on-site. We can have our technician make a Transponder-Copy off of your original car key.

Q.) My 2010 Ford F150 car key is lost and I need a replacement. In addition, I think it needs to be programmed. Can you make me a replacement key on site?

A.) Yes, an ignition key for a 2010 Ford F150 needs to be programmed as it is a Transponder Key. In addition, our technician can provide service for this type of vehicle as well. If you would like to pay for the service, our technician can call you and take your payment information over the phone. Our technician will also leave a copy of the receipt/invoice with the customer on-site at the vehicle.

Q.) Why do I need to show you my driver license and registration if I have lost my car key and need a new one?

A.) Our company policy is very strict and clear about it. In order to serve you better and to make sure we are cutting a new car key to the owner, and the owner only, we need to verify this information. Moreover, we can not, and will not, make a replacement car key without the proper documentation. This is for our customer’s safety.

Q.) Can you explain which type of car keys exists and what is the difference between them?

A.) There are three types of car keys.
non-transponder keys: These keys are simple metal keys that have no chip in them and therefore no security features.
transponder chip keys: These keys have an electronic chip in them, which you can’t see but work as a transmitter and need to be coded to start your vehicle.
the latest of car keys security and technology is the remote key FOB. This type of key is battery operated and the vehicle actually “sense” when the key is around and let you start the car. This is what we call a “push to start” key. No need to insert the key and turn the ignition anymore. In addition, it needs to be coded as well.

Q.) Can you program a new key fob yourself?

Key fob and emergency key chrysler
Key fob and emergency key chrysler
Key fob and emergency key Toyota
A.) Car key fobs, also known as smart keys, proxy keys or remote key fobs, just like transponder keys, need to be coded/programmed to start the vehicle. In addition, you must cut the emergency key before you can program the key fob. All car keys fobs, including high-security models like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc require a special machine to program the key. Therefore, you will need an automotive locksmith or the dealership’s help to program these keys for you. The only exception to this rule is GM car key fobs (Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, GMC) that can be programmed manually with onboard programming. However, you will have to get the emergency key cut first, which, you will need the help of a locksmith or dealer. for more information about onboard programming please visit: Program
Program machine for transponder and key fobs
Program machine for transponder and key fobs
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