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Locksmith Cleveland OH

Locksmith Cleveland OH

 Why Choose 24/7 Mobile Locksmith Cleveland OH:

  1. Licensed, bonded & insured.
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  3. Several different dispatch locations for fast response.
  4. No extra charge for weekend or holiday – all day, all night, every day the same price!
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  7. No job is too small for us – no matter what your problem is.
  8. Over 16 years of experience.
  9. Huge variety of locks and car keys in stock.

Automotive Locksmith Cleveland OH:

  • Car lockout – Locked keys in the car, trunk etc.
  • Lost car keys – Car key replacement for most ma
    Automotive Locksmith Cleveland OH

    Automotive Locksmith Cleveland OH

    kes and models made in minutes.

  • Laser cut lost car keys replacement with a chip – Transponder and VATS keys programmed and duplicate on site.
  • Car locks and cylinder repair, replace, install, rekey.
  • more…

Residential Locksmith Cleveland OH:

Residential Locksmith Cleveland OH

Lock Installation – Door Knob, Deadbolt

  • House lockout – Fast response for all emergencies.
  • Residential locks – Rekey, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks, intercom systems, CCTV , keypad locks, biometric locks.
  • High security locks – key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
  • Safes – commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof and gun safes.
  • more…

Commercial Locksmith Cleveland OH:

Business Locksmith Cleveland OH

High Security Deadbolt

  • Business lockout – Fast response for all emergencies.
  • Commercial locks – Rekey, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks, intercom systems, CCTV , keypad locks, biometric locks, mortise cylinders, rim cylinders, door closers, panic bars, push bars, rolling gates locks, fire exit devices.
  • Master key system – Up to 30 levels of master rekey systems for a complete control of employees access.
  • High security locks – key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
  • Safes – commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof safe.
  • more…

Emergency Locksmith Cleveland OH:

  • Automotive emergency lockout services.
  • Residential emergency lockout services.
  • Commercial and business lockout services.
  • more…

What to ask when calling a locksmith in Cleveland OH?

1. First, make sure the locksmith actually serve your area.
2. In addition, ask for a quote based on your problem.
3. Moreover, explain your problem in details. Automotive locksmith services for lost car keys may not be able to help you with home emergency and vice versa.
4. Furthermore, ask if the locksmith is licensed, bonded & insured.
5. Finally, coordinate the time and place with the locksmith to prevent a long waiting time.

Additional Tips Before Calling a Locksmith In Cleveland OH:

Many people are looking for a locksmith for different reasons. Most of the time it’s good to look for a locksmith near you so you will get fast service. However, looking for a locksmith is too general term as some are looking for locksmith for car, locksmith for keys, locksmith for house doors or just for cost of locksmith service.

Types of locksmith services:

First, we will explain how to find the right locksmith near you and for your specific needs.

In addition, how to explain exactly what you need, e.g. locksmith for car keys, house locks rekey or emergency 24 hr. locksmith.

Finally, what to mention to the locksmith when you call for service.

24 hr. Emergency locksmith:

In emergency situations such as home or office lockouts, car lockouts or emergency lost car key, it is important to find a locksmith who offers 24/7 and is located near you.

Moreover, keep in mind that not all locksmiths offer emergency services 24/7 and therefore it is crucial that you will be as informative about your problem, be it lockout, key replacement or any other emergency situation.
Furthermore, when you are locked out of your home, look for emergency locksmith for residential or home lockouts. In addition, mention the locksmith if you lost your house keys, the key broke off in the lock or if this is a door knob lockout.

Finally, based on that, the locksmith can decide the best way to unlock the door beforehand and be prepared in case he needs to change the locks.

Locksmith for home, house or office:

First, in this case as well, try to find a local locksmith. Even though there is no emergency, a local locksmith is a good contact name to have in case of future emergency.
Furthermore, in case you need to rekey or change your home locks, mention to the locksmith what type of lock you have, e.g. door know deadbolt, keypad or high security locks.

Finally, ask how much the cost would be and if the locksmith accept AAA. Sometimes locksmith that don’t even have AAA account can give you a discount.

Locksmith for business:

Commercial locksmith is usually a term for locksmiths who do push bar devices, emergency door lock installation and additional high security products such as door closers and more.
Moreover, If you own a business and need to comply with certain rules and regulations, this is the locksmith to call. Don’t forget to ask about license and insurance, as you probably will need it.

Locksmith for cars:

Automotive locksmith usually specializes in making replacement lost car keys. While most locksmiths offer unlocking service for car or home, only fewer locksmiths can make car keys, especially for newer models.

Furthermore, when calling a locksmith for service on your car, mention what the problem is. Lost keys, ignition problem, ignition won’t turn etc. Make sure you know the exact year make and model as well as the VIN number as the locksmith will need this information.
In addition, don’t forget to ask for a quote or estimated cost for the service.

What information should you provide the locksmith when you call and on site?

Most locksmith will need the basic information, your name, address, phone number and type of problem or service you need, e.g. locked keys, locks changed or rekey or car keys replacement.

In addition, once on site, the locksmith will need to see documentation that you are the owner of the car and/ or home for safety reasons. Especially relevant for lockouts situations.

Finally, we are here for you with any question you have.

FAQ Locksmith Cleveland OH:


Q: My front door lock wont work and the key stuck in it. Can I have someone in the Cleveland OH area take a look at it and either repair or replace it if needed?

A: Yes, our technicians can come to you location and provide you with repair or replacing options for the lock that is giving you troubles. In addition, our mobile locksmiths carry a variety of locks with them to locations in case he may need to replace it.

Q: Do you make replacement ignition keys for older Ford trucks? I own a 98 Ford Pickup truck and my mechanic told me to call a locksmith. Thank you

A: Yes. Car key codes for older car and trucks are unavailable most of the times to dealers and mechanics, but a locksmith can come and make you a replacement car key on site. In addition, we can program the key as well.

Q:  I’m at work and locked my keys and purse inside my car. Is there some way I can have someone to unlock it for me?  It’s a 1999 Acura TL and I am Cleveland OH.

A:  Yes, we can setup an appointment to have a technician to unlock your car for you. The process shouldnt take more than 10 minutes.

Q: Do you offer automotive locksmith service in Cleveland, OH? I’ve lost my cars keys for a 2004 Ford Expedition and need a new set of keys.

A: Yes, we service a large portion of the Cleveland area, including the suburbs. We would be happy to set you up with one of technicians to get new keys made for you.

Q: I would like to have new locks installed on my house.  I already have the locks I want, I just need them installed.  Do you do that?

A: Yes, we can do that for you. Our mobile independent contractor locksmiths can install the locks for you and will ensure that they are working properly with the doors. In addition, we can match the keys for you.

Q:  I’m locked out my studio loft room in Cleveland Ohio 44120. It does have a Baldwin lock if that matters and I need it unlock ASAP. Can you help?

A:  yes, we can send someone to your loft to unlock it for you. Our technicians have experience with opening Baldwin locks and deadbolts.

Q:  I have a business building with three office spaces.  I need to have the locks changed but each space needs to have their own different set of keys.  I’m in Cleveland OH. Can you help?

A: No problem, we can setup an appointment time at your conveience to have a technician come out and rekey the office locks as well as provide as many duplicates as you may need.

Q: Do you have anyone that would be able to help me with my  2010 Jeep Liberty… my key just broke off in the ignition?   I’m by Quigley Road in Cleveland 44113.

A: That’s no problem at all.  First we have to extract the broken car key, then figure out if the ignition switch is still able to function properly. It may need to replaced depending on how the key broke, but If there is no problem with it, we will make a replacement car key for you on site.

Q: I’m locked out of the art gallery i work at and can’t get ahold of the owner for a spare set of keys. Can you send someone to my address at Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113 to unlock the door for my co-worker and I to get in?

A:  Yes, absolutely, we can dispatch a technician to the art gallery on Superior Viaduct to unlock the door for you and co-worker.

Q: I need to have the locks rekeyed at a rental property I own in Cleveland.  Moreover, I will need a different set for the deadbolts and a different set for the regular lock. Can you do that?

A: We can definitely have a technician come out and provide the rekey service as well as different sets of keys for as you request in Cleveland. In addition, we can replace the locks for you as well.

Q: I’m locked out of my 2003 Jeep Cherokee.  My keys are inside and I’m in Cleveland OH.  Thank you

A: Yes, we can send one of our automotive locksmiths to you to unlock the door for you. In addition, we can make you a replacement key as well.

Q: I need to have a rental property I own unlocked so the tenants can move their things out please. I have 2 doors and located in Cleveland , Ohio 44104.

A: Yes, we can setup an appointment to have a technician at  to unlock the rental property for the tenant at pm. In addition, we work 24/7 so we can help you anytime.

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