High Security Locks Option

Interested in High Security Locks – Take a look and read about the benefits.
High Security Locks & Keys

What are high-security locks and keys?

Simply said, they give you better security and the option the control how many keys are out there. Therefore, it is a great solution for those who want a restricted key system and to know that there are no additional copies out there in the wrong hands. Click Here for more information about high security locks.

How much does it usually cost to install high-security lock?

The short answer is somewhere between $200-$450 on average.

If you  are looking at a door knob cylinder or deadbolt, the price for the cylinder only should be around $200.

If you are looking for a cylinder with restricted keylock system for commercial than the price usually is about $450.

For most residential doors you can estimate a good lock, with up to five keys – around $300.

High Security Lock with Lever Handle Installed – The price depends on the type of lock and door

This home had security issues. The doors had no deadbolts and basic hardware. We upgraded with high-security mul-t-lock hardware and a keyless keypad for convenience.

High-security mul-t-lock:

Keyless keypad:

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