Electronic Locks

You  deserve the best when it comes to security. If you are a home or business owner, you may want to look into getting electronic locks for your house or establishment. With electronic locks, you will never have to worry about losing your keys ever again! Learn all you can about the different types of electronic locks from this list and find the right option for you!

Magnetic Locks

A magnetic lock is similar to standard home locks. The only difference is that magnetic locks has electromagnetic attached to the doorframe and an armature plate that is attached to the door itself. The door lock is maintained by an electric current that passes through the electromagnetic. Talking about price, it is relatively cost-effective compared to other electronic locks. However, these can be easily dismantled and are therefore not suggested to use especially in high-profile offices and residences.

Electric Bolt Locks

These are considered the relatively stronger cousin of deadbolt locks. Being compatible with most electric systems, the electric bolt lock can be easily installed and has a lot of failsafe modes. Moreover, these are used in cases of indoor maximum security as they are not locks for entrances but for interior doors and cabinets. Use them for indoor entrances and containers that are intended to keep highly valuable items and possessions.

Electric Door Strikes

If you’re familiar with the anatomy of locks, electronic door strikes are the more modern version of the traditional strike faceplate that you often see used in latch bar type of doors. In the same way with magnetic locks, these are electronically controlled, and the lock is secured via electric current. The latch mechanism is either locked or released based on the electric current.

Electronic Keypads

Electronic keypads only requires a numerical code for entry. When someone in a spy movie encounters one of these, you know they are about to access a secret room or high-profile area. This electronic equipment can now be installed in your very own home! This is a convenient electronic lock for homeowners and businessmen in Buffalo, New York. You’ll just have to try a little harder on deciding a code that is not predictable to avoid prospect break-ins.

Biometric Equipment

Like the electronic keypad, this is typical spy movie technology now brought to life. To open a biometric lock, a fingerprint or retinal scan that has been registered in the database is required. Considered as top-tier lock technology, biometric locks are used for high security situations.

Now that you’ve had a rundown of the different electronic locks, you can now decide which type you want to use for your home or business in Buffalo, New York. If you need help with anything related to electronic locks, give us a call and we’ll be there!

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