Detex Emergency Push Bar Devices

Detex Exit Device On Emergency Door

Secure your back door with mul-t-lock high-security cylinders and a wireless alarm by Detex. This commercial restaurant had theft going out the back door.  As soon as we installed this alarm unit the theft stopped. Call us today for more information about emergency push bar and exit devices!

Below, a picture of one setup for the Detex emergency security device on a metal door.

Detex Emergency Push Bar Devices barberton oh

Detex Exit Device On Emergency Door W/ High security lock

Detex Push Bar On Commercial Door W/ High security lock

Below, we can see that these exit devices can be installed with high security locks.

In addition, it can be rekeyed to match your other door keys.

Detex Push Bar On Commercial Door W/ High security lock – Inside look

Exit devices – All you need to know.

What are exit devices and what are they used for?

Almost every business owner who has an actual shop or any place that people gather in, may it be a church, theater, restaurant etc require by law to have an emergency exit.

Emergency exit, regardless if it is a single or double door, requires exit devices.

These exit devices, also known as panic devices, panic bars, panic bars for fire exit door, emergency exit devices, push bar, crash bar etc. are devices that make it easy to open the door in case of an emergency.

You simply have to push on the device to open the door. Moreover, they are very durable, and most exit devices such as Detex and Dorma panic bar can be installed once for many years to come.

The exits are clearly marked as “fire exit” or “emergency exit”. In addition, some of these doors and panic devices may have a lock and an alarm, and some dont. The exit device, however, can be easily operated without the lock in case of emergency.

The most common lock that is installed with panic devices is what we call a “rim lock”. This type of locks comes in different shapes and sizes, to fit virtually any type of exit device.

What hardware is used for fire exit?

The most common hardware for fire exit is the exit device, plus a rim lock. In addition, sometimes you can see and additional lock, may it be an electronic lock or high security in addition to the exit device.

What is the price of a panic bar?

The basic price of a panic bar varies depends on many factors. In a nutshell, to install a push bar cost somewhere between $400 and can go up as high as $1000

The price for hardware alone is about $200 for a simple push bar. This is however a retail price. I can assume that unless you are a professional locksmith, you will need someone to buy and install it for you.

Therefore, you can expect to pay for the material alone about $250 as a starting price for a basic panic bar.

In addition to that there is the labor. The push bar installation labor ranges depends on the type of door, type of lock, type of panic bar and more. (Metal/wood door, type of lock, double/single door etc)

Moreover, the installation and type of panic bar greatly depends on your business needs and regulations in your county/state of the fire department. Consult with them before calling a locksmith.

Saying that, you should expect to pay for labor somewhere between $150 up to $400.

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