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24/7 Mobile Locksmith, Sarasota, FL is a fast and reliable locksmith service, providing services in the entire Sarasota, FL metro area.

We are here for you around the clock, day & night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing you with the most efficient and professional lock key & safe service at the most competitive prices.

Your satisfaction is our mission!

Here at 24/7 Mobile Locksmith Sarasota, FL we know that our greatest asset is our satisfied customers. Over the years we have learned that a happy customer is a customer that comes back. Therefore, our dedicated general contractors will ensure that you get an honest and professional service, in order to satisfy you - our customer.

Home, commercial, auto or emergency service - our professionals have years of field experience and will assist you with all your lock key & safe necessities.

24/7 Mobile Locksmith Sarasota, FL is the address for all your locksmith requirements.

Partial List of Services by your Locksmith in Sarasota, FL

Automotive Locksmith in Sarasota, FL

Locksmith in Sarasota, FL - automotive locksmith, lost car keys, car key replacement, lost ignition keys and more
  • Car lockout - Locked keys in the car, trunk etc.
  • Lost car keys - Car key replacement for most makes and models made in minutes.
  • Lost car keys with a chip - Transponder and VATS keys programmed and duplicate on site.
  • Car locks and cylinder repair, replace, install, rekey.
  • more...

Residential Locksmith in Sarasota, FL

Locksmith in Sarasota, FL - residential locksmith, home emergency lockouts, locks install, locks re-key, lock repair, locks replaced, high security locks
  • House lockout - Fast response for all emergencies.
  • Residential locks - Rekey, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks, intercom systems, CCTV , keypad locks, biometric locks.
  • High security locks - key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
  • Safes - commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof and gun safes.
  • more...

Commercial Locksmith in Sarasota, FL

Locksmith in Sarasota, FL - commercial locksmith, business and office lockouts, master re-keying, high security locks
  • Business lockout - Fast response for all emergencies.
  • Commercial locks - Rekey, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks, intercom systems, CCTV , keypad locks, biometric locks, mortise cylinders, rim cylinders, door closers, panic bars, push bars, rolling gates locks, fire exit devices.
  • Master key system - Up to 30 levels of master rekey systems for a complete control of employees access.
  • High security locks - key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
  • Safes - commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof safe.
  • more...

Emergency Locksmith in Sarasota, FL

Locksmith in Sarasota, FL - emergency locksmith, 24Hr Residential & Commercial Locksmith Services
  • 24/7 fast response Auto services.
  • 24/7 fast response Residential lockout services.
  • 24/7 fast response Commercial lockout services.
  • more...

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Telephone: 941-882-1376

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it possible to get replace that VATs key I lost on Osprey Ave. without having to go to my dealer?

You can get much better service from our lock professionals. They’ll take care of your automotive lock security by driving right up to you and your car. There’ll be no hassle involved at all: not only will it be easier than going over to your dealer for a rather costly service, you also won’t have to search endlessly on Osprey looking for that VATs key. At Sarasota Locksmiths, we have your auto safety interested at heart, which is why our specialists can adeptly supply you with a VATs key replacement.

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Can I rely on you guys to work on motorcycle locks, like mine at an Albertsons’?

Wherever that motorcycle is found you’ll always be able to rely on the expertise of our highly trained lock professionals. If there’s a jam in your ignition, because of a broken key or an issue with the tumblers, our specialists will provide you with the remedy. If you’re at that Albertson’s and need an emergency rekey solution, we’ll get right on that service as well. You won’t have to worry for the safety of your bike: Sarasota Locksmiths has just what you need, and you just need to give us a call.

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When would I need to replace the window locks to my home near the campus of University of Southern Florida?

If they’ve been broken into, then that’s the most extreme sign that you’ll be in need of new window lock solutions. However, no one wants to reach that crisis point. Instead, get in touch with our highly qualified lock professionals. They’ll be able to employ their trained eyes to discern just what kind of services your locks could need. If those windows are being protected by outdated and unreliable locks, our specialists would be glad to recommend and deliver a window lock replacement solution. Whatever kind of professional care you might need for your home windows, Sarasota Locksmiths will probably carry just the answer in our vast array of residential safety services.

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Could you get my office cabinet lock working again, for my offices in the Ringling Shopping Center?

We will certainly try our best. Our experts cannot promise complete repair of that lock, because sometimes these mechanisms are just beyond repair. In that case, an office lock replacement would be the best option available. But whatever might be needed to maintain the high level of commercial security you enjoy, we hope that you’ll trust in Sarasota Locksmiths to help you retain that level of safety.

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Can I count on you to come to my home by the Hudson Bayou and fix my garage lock?

That lock will be in perfect working condition when our professional locksmiths are done with the household lock solution. You can expect us to be right over at your home by the Bayou at your convenience. Sarasota Locksmiths is here for you, your garage, and all your residential lock needs.

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Do you replace laser cut keys, like the one I lost on Bahia Vista St.?

Whether it’s for homes, offices, or vehicles, our locksmith professionals will certainly be able to replace any misplaced laser cut keys. This is because our locksmith specialists have all the equipment and expertise needed to make such keys for customers in need. If you need any kind of laser cut key, Sarasota Locksmiths is the right business for you.

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What can be done for my offices in Sarasota Square Mall to make them as safe as possible?

That really depends on the current status of your office security. The first step we would recommend is that you request a total commercial safety evaluation service. That way, our talented locksmith experts can discern just what work your office needs—regarding safety improvements in your entire office. Once we complete the thorough examination—and we mean thorough—as our specialists will inspect every aspect of your office’s security—you’ll be given a painstakingly compiled, easy-to-read account of the pros and cons of your commercial security. And if there should be anything in your Sarasota Square Mall business that can be improved by way of safety, you have only to ask our locksmith professionals. Sarasota Locksmiths will be glad to make your offices as safe as they can and should be.

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If I need lots of security services for my RV, in Gulf Gate, can you provide them?

Our skilled locksmith contractors can provide you with most any RV lock solution. Motorhomes can be sure to get just the tending they need for their overall safety. Since this kind of object is like a home and vehicle in one, our specialists are perfectly adapted to tend to any lock security needs—since our knowledgeable experts can work equally well on residential and automotive safety equipment. You’ll find just what you’re looking for, even if you didn’t know you were looking for that specific RV service, from the wonderful professionals at Sarasota Locksmiths.

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How do I protect the articles in my desk at my Fruitville Rd. offices?

There are a number of options available to those who really want to get the best security possible for their office environment. Saraosta Locksmiths is here to help you with that, as our professionals know how to deliver just the rights services that can meet your needs, and eliminate all the safety concerns that might be lying about in your Fruitville Rd. business surroundings. Trust in our experts to make sure every single item in your desk won’t be touched, or so much as looked at, by anyone you do not want touching or looking at those private objects. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal is to install a brand new desk lock into your desk. It sounds involved and somewhat challenging, but it’s really nothing at all for the skill level of our talented locksmith specialists. You’ll get a lock and key that will work with ease and strength—making sure you can use it without any worry. And if your desk in your Fruitville Rd. offices has a lock on it, or some form of security, you can request a simple lock rekey or lock replacement. If you’re afraid of the condition that those locks are presently in, the best way to update that security is to have them replaced or rekeyed by a competent, qualified locksmith—like any of the experts at Sarasota Locksmiths.

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Is there anything you can do to get my broken key out of my lock? I can’t even leave the Sweetbay parking lot

You can depend on the professionals at Sarasota Locksmiths to remove any and all material from the locks of your cars. Our experts can pull out anything, from the smallest, tiniest pieces of gravel to whole car keys—with all their teeth and everything. When our contractors are done tending to you car, after they’ve arrived on the scene to meet you at the Sweetbay parking lot, you won’t have any foreign objects left inside your vehicle’s lock. No more harm, no more fuss: our experts will make it look like nothing had ever been jammed in there. And if you’d like an additional key replacement service, Sarasota Locksmiths is just as capable of working that auto solution as well. Count on our team to deliver all the automotive security you need, at any time of day, anywhere in the greater Sarasota area.

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Can you come to the Westgate Southgate Mall to work on my transponder key?

Transponder key solutions are no problem for our marvelous locksmith professionals. Whether you’re at the Westgate Mall or any other mall in Sarasota, the specialists at Sarasota Locksmiths can arrive by your side with all the necessary equipment. Your transponder key will be in tiptop shape when our locksmiths have finished with the job; and that includes any job related to transponder keys—reprogramming, repairs, replacements, installations, and any other locksmith solution that’s at all related to chip keys. Let the experts at Sarasota Locksmiths know precisely what you need, then they’ll get right to work.

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If I’m available only at late hours, can you still help me with my Gillespie Park home safety?

There’s no end to the hours that our experts work. You can find a locksmith at Sarasota Locksmiths at any shift of the day: since we promise to work 24/7, we’ll always be available for patrons who need our service. We’ll meet you at your home in Gillespie Park whenever it’s most convenient for you. Trust our locksmiths experts to deliver whatever service you need, at whatever hour you need it. The security of your home is too significant to ignore; call up Sarasota Locksmiths and we’ll work with you as soon as you have an opening in your schedule.

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Will your locksmiths replace lost keys for my office on Mound St.?

Whatever kind of locks that need to be replaced can easily be replicated by the knowledgeable experts at Sarasota Locksmiths. Let our professionals get a good look at the looks on the premises of your Mound St. offices; afterwards, they’ll be able to provide you with as many key replacements as you need. Whether the locks are high security locks, key card locks, deadbolts, filing cabinet locks, or any variation of all the possibilities included under the name “commercial lock,” the contractors at Sarasota Locksmiths will certainly be able to provide you with those much needed replacements. Give us a call and give us one test to see how well we can cut you an office key.

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When are service codes used?

Service codes tend to appear on electronic locks. The company who produces that lock assigns the code to that lock. One code, or combination, is used to open up that lock. If there are any issues a client experiences regarding service codes, that client can turn to the reliable contractors at Sarasota Locksmiths for quick solutions.

Commercial crime

For the year 2010, crimes like burglary, theft, and larceny were the highest forms of property crime in Sarasota—when compared to other forms of property crime. This information is extremely relevant to those who own commercial property in the city—the managers who want to protect their employees and belongings. Read more >>

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