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Cincinnati, OH

24/7 Mobile Locksmith, Cincinnati, Ohio is a fast and reliable locksmith service, providing services in the entire Cincinnati, OH metro area.

We are here for you around the clock, day & night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing you with the most efficient and professional lock key & safe service at the most competitive prices.


Your satisfaction is our mission!

Here at 24/7 Mobile Locksmith Cincinnati, Ohio we know that our greatest asset is our satisfied customers. Over the years we have learned that a happy customer is a customer that comes back. Therefore, our dedicated general contractors will ensure that you get an honest and professional service, in order to satisfy you – our customer.

Home, commercial, auto or emergency service – our professionals have years of field experience and will assist you with all your lock key & safe necessities.

24/7 Mobile Locksmith Cincinnati, OH is the address for all your locksmith requirements.

Partial List of Services by your Locksmith in Cincinnati, OH

Automotive Locksmith in Cincinnati, OhioCincinnati, Ohio 1

  • Car lockout – Locked keys in the car, trunk etc.
  • Lost car keys – Car key replacement for most makes and models made in minutes.
  • Lost car keys with a chip – Transponder and VATS keys programmed and duplicate on site.
  • Car locks and cylinder repair, replace, install, rekey.
  • more…

Residential Locksmith in Cincinnati, OhioCincinnati, Ohio 2

  • House lockout – Fast response for all emergencies.
  • Residential locks – Rekey, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks, intercom systems, CCTV , keypad locks, biometric locks.
  • High security locks – key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
  • Safes – commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof and gun safes.
  • more…

Commercial Locksmith in Cincinnati, OHCincinnati, Ohio 3

  • Business lockout – Fast response for all emergencies.
  • Commercial locks – Rekey, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks, intercom systems, CCTV , keypad locks, biometric locks, mortise cylinders, rim cylinders, door closers, panic bars, push bars, rolling gates locks, fire exit devices.
  • Master key system – Up to 30 levels of master rekey systems for a complete control of employees access.
  • High security locks – key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
  • Safes – commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof safe.
  • more…

Emergency Locksmith in Cincinnati, OhioCincinnati, Ohio 4

  • 24/7 fast response Auto services.
  • 24/7 fast response Residential lockout services.
  • 24/7 fast response Commercial lockout services.
  • more…

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you come to Jungle Jim’s Market and pop open my locked car trunk?

That trunk lock will be opened right away when our locksmith professionals are up to the task. You can depend on us not only to be there at that grocery store, but we’ll have our specialists out there with all the necessary tools to get the job done. When you rely on our experts, you’ll know that you can get all your groceries inside your car long before they spoil. With the help of Cincinnati Locksmiths, the cause at the root of the problem will be discovered, and the whole issue itself will be solved—just you wait and see.

Is it a good idea to get an evaluation for the security at my Kenwood Towne Center business?

If you want to know your business as best as you can—inside and out—being aware of every detail of your commercial security—then such a safety service is the right choice for you. You’ll get informed of every flaw and every advantage that your overall security affords. And once you have a fully detailed evaluation in your hands, Cincinnati Locksmiths will be more than willing to continue the service, and offer any kind of additional solution to patch up the possible weaknesses in your business’s safety.

Should I get new window locks installed to my home in Hyde Park?

Homeowners generally find these window locks to be superb solutions for added household safety. Those who want to make sure that their windows are properly secured, and offer the right protection from outside elements would do best to get in touch with Cincinnati Locksmiths and request this excellent residential security solution.

What should I do if I’m locked out of my offices on Sunset Ave.?

Why, call us up, of course. There’s no better service to help you in your time of need. When you’re in such an urgent situation as being locked out of your offices, you’ll need a locksmith service that can reach you post haste. That’s just what we’ll do. You can count on our experts to arrive by your side on Sunset Ave. in moments, practically right after we’ve hung up from the call. Cincinnati Locksmiths is here when you need us, and that’s no exaggeration

Does an attempted car robbery near a Kroger mean my car should get its ignition rekeyed?

It depends on the circumstances of the attempt. If the person who tried to break into your car and drive away in it had a key his or herself, then getting a rekey would be the best option going forward. However, if that robber was simply trying to steal your car with her or his own ingenuity, an ignition key wouldn’t be of much help. This type of security solution is intended to change the keys to your vehicle, without altering any other external components of the car lock. It will prevent those who have your key (such as a previous owner of the car, or anyone whom you or a previous owner granted the car keys) from using that key on your car. Depend on Cincinnati Locksmiths to keep your car safe and secure, with whatever automotive lock solution you need, whether it’s a rekey or any other service.


When would I want to get a master key system for my Reading Rd. offices?

If you’re a manager or are in some executive position at your office, and require a certain amount of authority in your office, then being in control of a master key system would be a great way to achieve that command. Call over our locksmith specialists: they’ll sort out not only the entire commercial lock solution, but they’ll also elucidate the responsibilities of such a security feature in your business. Cincinnati Locksmiths will be right over to your offices on Reading Rd., after a single call, to help you achieve unbreakable business safety.

Is it a good idea to get a concealed safe for my home in Oakley?

A safe and its features should match up with every kind of requirement you have for protecting the objects you intend to protect. If you have every other facet covered—such as size, strength, opening mechanism, etc.—then the next stage would be to decide upon concealing features, which a quick consultation with our locksmith contractors can clear up. However, if you’re still grappling with all the other dimensions of owning a household safe, then you’ll need to call our professionals over to your home in Oakley. Getting a residential safe is no joke, and Cincinnati Locksmiths will make sure you have the ideal safe to meet all of your home security needs—beyond hidden safe options.

We serve the Cincinnati, Ohio Metro Area.

A detailed Cities and Zip codes list:

Hamilton County : (Locksmith Cincinnati OH)

45001 – Addyston, OH
45002 – Cleves, OH
45030 – Harrison, OH
45033 – Hooven, OH
45041 – Miamitown, OH
45051 – Mount Saint Joseph, OH
45052 – North Bend, OH
45111 – Camp Dennison, OH
45140 – Loveland, OH
45174 – Terrace Park, OH
45201 – Cincinnati, OH
45202 – Cincinnati, OH
45203 – Cincinnati, OH
45204 – Cincinnati, OH
45205 – Cincinnati, OH
45206 – Cincinnati, OH
45207 – Cincinnati, OH
45208 – Cincinnati, OH
45209 – Cincinnati, OH
45211 – Cincinnati, OH
45212 – Cincinnati, OH

45213 – Cincinnati, OH
45214 – Cincinnati, OH
45215 – Cincinnati, OH
45216 – Cincinnati, OH
45217 – Cincinnati, OH
45218 – Cincinnati, OH
45219 – Cincinnati, OH
45220 – Cincinnati, OH
45221 – Cincinnati, OH
45222 – Cincinnati, OH
45223 – Cincinnati, OH
45224 – Cincinnati, OH
45225 – Cincinnati, OH
45226 – Cincinnati, OH
45227 – Cincinnati, OH
45228 – Cincinnati, OH
45229 – Cincinnati, OH
45230 – Cincinnati, OH
45231 – Cincinnati, OH
45232 – Cincinnati, OH

45233 – Cincinnati, OH
45234 – Cincinnati, OH
45235 – Cincinnati, OH
45236 – Cincinnati, OH
45237 – Cincinnati, OH
45238 – Cincinnati, OH
45239 – Cincinnati, OH
45240 – Cincinnati, OH
45241 – Cincinnati, OH
45242 – Cincinnati, OH
45243 – Cincinnati, OH
45244 – Cincinnati, OH
45246 – Cincinnati, OH
45247 – Cincinnati, OH
45248 – Cincinnati, OH
45249 – Cincinnati, OH
45250 – Cincinnati, OH
45251 – Cincinnati, OH
45252 – Cincinnati, OH
45253 – Cincinnati, OH

45254 – Cincinnati, OH
45255 – Cincinnati, OH
45258 – Cincinnati, OH
45262 – Cincinnati, OH
45263 – Cincinnati, OH
45264 – Cincinnati, OH
45267 – Cincinnati, OH
45268 – Cincinnati, OH
45269 – Cincinnati, OH
45270 – Cincinnati, OH
45271 – Cincinnati, OH
45273 – Cincinnati, OH
45274 – Cincinnati, OH
45275 – Cincinnati, OH
45277 – Cincinnati, OH
45280 – Cincinnati, OH
45296 – Cincinnati, OH
45298 – Cincinnati, OH
45299 – Cincinnati, OH
45999 – Cincinnati, OH

Clermont County : (Locksmith Cincinnati OH)

45102 – Amelia, OH
45103 – Batavia, OH
45106 – Bethel, OH
45107 – Blanchester, OH
45112 – Chilo, OH
45120 – Felicity, OH

45122 – Goshen, OH
45130 – Hamersville, OH
45140 – Loveland, OH
45145 – Marathon, OH
45147 – Miamiville, OH
45150 – Milford, OH

45153 – Moscow, OH
45156 – Neville, OH
45157 – New Richmond, OH
45158 – Newtonsville, OH
45160 – Owensville, OH

45162 – Pleasant Plain, OH
45176 – Williamsburg, OH
45244 – Cincinnati, OH
45245 – Cincinnati, OH
45255 – Cincinnati, OH

Clinton County : (Locksmith Cincinnati OH)

45107 – Blanchester, OH
45113 – Clarksville, OH
45114 – Cuba, OH
45135 – Leesburg, OH

45138 – Lees Creek, OH
45142 – Lynchburg, OH
45146 – Martinsville, OH
45148 – Midland, OH

45159 – New Vienna, OH
45164 – Port William, OH
45166 – Reesville, OH

45169 – Sabina, OH
45177 – Wilmington, OH
45335 – Jamestown, OH

Wayne County : (Locksmith Cincinnati OH)

45003 – College Corner, OH
45004 – Collinsville, OH
45011 – Hamilton, OH
45012 – Hamilton, OH
45013 – Hamilton, OH
45014 – Fairfield, OH
45015 – Hamilton, OH

45018 – Fairfield, OH
45025 – Hamilton, OH
45026 – Hamilton, OH
45042 – Middletown, OH
45043 – Middletown, OH
45044 – Middletown, OH
45050 – Monroe, OH

45053 – Okeana, OH
45055 – Overpeck, OH
45056 – Oxford, OH
45061 – Ross, OH
45062 – Seven Mile, OH
45063 – Shandon, OH

45064 – Somerville, OH
45067 – Trenton, OH
45069 – West Chester, OH
45071 – West Chester, OH
45241 – Cincinnati, OH
45246 – Cincinnati, OH


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