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24/7 Mobile Locksmith, Albany, NY is a fast and reliable locksmith service, providing services in the entire Albany, NY metro area.

We are here for you around the clock, day & night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing you with the most efficient and professional lock key & safe service at the most competitive prices.

Your satisfaction is our mission!

Here at 24/7 Mobile Locksmith Albany, NY we know that our greatest asset is our satisfied customers. Over the years we have learned that a happy customer is a customer that comes back. Therefore, our dedicated general contractors will ensure that you get an honest and professional service, in order to satisfy you - our customer.

Home, commercial, auto or emergency service - our professionals have years of field experience and will assist you with all your lock key & safe necessities.

24/7 Mobile Locksmith Albany, NY is the address for all your locksmith requirements.

Partial List of Services by your Locksmith in Albany, NY

Automotive Locksmith in Albany, NY

Locksmith in Albany, NY - automotive locksmith, lost car keys, car key replacement, lost ignition keys and more
  • Car lockout - Locked keys in the car, trunk etc.
  • Lost car keys - Car key replacement for most makes and models made in minutes.
  • Lost car keys with a chip - Transponder and VATS keys programmed and duplicate on site.
  • Car locks and cylinder repair, replace, install, rekey.
  • more...

Residential Locksmith in Albany, NY

Locksmith in Albany, NY - residential locksmith, home emergency lockouts, locks install, locks re-key, lock repair, locks replaced, high security locks
  • House lockout - Fast response for all emergencies.
  • Residential locks - Rekey, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks, intercom systems, CCTV , keypad locks, biometric locks.
  • High security locks - key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
  • Safes - commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof and gun safes.
  • more...

Commercial Locksmith in Albany, NY

Locksmith in Albany, NY - commercial locksmith, business and office lockouts, master re-keying, high security locks
  • Business lockout - Fast response for all emergencies.
  • Commercial locks - Rekey, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks, intercom systems, CCTV , keypad locks, biometric locks, mortise cylinders, rim cylinders, door closers, panic bars, push bars, rolling gates locks, fire exit devices.
  • Master key system - Up to 30 levels of master rekey systems for a complete control of employees access.
  • High security locks - key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
  • Safes - commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof safe.
  • more...

Emergency Locksmith in Albany, NY

Locksmith in Albany, NY - emergency locksmith, 24Hr Residential & Commercial Locksmith Services
  • 24/7 fast response Auto services.
  • 24/7 fast response Residential lockout services.
  • 24/7 fast response Commercial lockout services.
  • more...

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Telephone: 518-533-5362

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you clean out my car lock? In a Hannaford parking lot, I found something inside the lock.

Albany Locksmiths can easily perform car lock extractions of any sort. Most often, our talented experts are required to simply pull out broken keys from ignition and other car locks. But they’re also completely capable of removing any other sort of objects as well. We’ll send over our professionals to take a look at your lock; they’ll rush over to the Hannaford parking lot in which you’re located and they’ll work to indentify the extent of the harm—and what’s the cause of it. Whatever they do find that’s been jammed into your lock, our specialists will be sure to get it all removed. No matter how much damage was done to you vehicle, you can trust in our professionals to never extend that damage: they’re completely careful with their handling of the client’s vehicle, that whatever results from this extraction service will only benefit the customer. And beyond that expertise and concentration, our professionals will also bring with them all the equipment to get the job done quickly and skillfully. You can trust on the precision of the experts at Albany Locksmiths to get your car lock opened up and working again.

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What options are there to improve the security of the desks in my Livingston Ave. offices?

There are a number of helpful locksmith services that are highly valued by business owners. At Albany Locksmiths, we make sure to carry all of these security solutions so that all the materials of all your employees are kept perfectly safe. The most basic services we extend to our clients involve installing locks for any kind of desk—locks that ensure high quality strength and reliability for all those that use them. And the contractors at Albany Locksmiths can perform installations such as these on any material of desks, be it metal or wood or any other alternative. And for those who would like to update the locks they already have on their desks—if your Livingston Ave. office has locks already in place—then our contractors can supply rekeys or lock replacements, just to upgrade the mechanisms that are already in place. With Albany Locksmiths, you’ll be sure to create the safest commercial environment you can, and one way we make certain of that is by providing exceptional desk lock solutions.

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Are your locksmiths willing to come to Stuyvesant Plaza to replace a transponder key I lost there?

We’re much more than willing. In fact, just call up our professionals any day of the week and any time of day and they’ll race over to help you with whatever lock and key difficulty you’re having. They can bring the tools with them to Stuyvesant Plaza and help you get the reprogramming or replacement solution you require. It’s best to leave this kind of service up to the professionals who can work with speed and efficiency: it’s far better than trying to search for that old, lost key. Call up Albany Locksmiths and we’ll get you a fully functioning transponder key replacement that will prove far better than the old one.

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Do you have anything to secure the windows in my Melrose apartment?

Rest assured, our skilled contractors have just the solution for you. No matter what kind of residence you live in, we’d first recommend window locks as the primary source of window security. Let our experts come up to evaluate the properties of your apartment’s windows, and they’ll proceed to make all the recommendations and installations that meet your approval. Your Melrose home will be as safe as can be with the help of the specialists at Albany Locksmiths.

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Will you be able to install a master key system at my Clinton Ave. offices?

To keep your business under the toughest, most impervious standards of protection, our highly qualified locksmith professionals can easily install a top-notch master key system in your Clinton Ave. offices. Leave it up to Albany Locksmiths to keep you, your employees, and your whole commercial setting under the safest net of protection. And once our specialists have completed this security service, they’ll have the entire system explained to you—so there’ll be no hassles associated with the use. Of course, if you do ever experience any troubles, Albany Locksmiths is always here to receive your call.

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I heard some Hannaford’s employees discussing store security and I want to know what is a top pin?

A top pin is simply a name for a kind of a tumbler. Usually, this tumbler takes the shape of a cylinder and is flat on both ends. Our contractors at Albany Locksmiths are completely familiar with this mechanism, and know how to properly install it—so that both ends are touching the pin stack’s spring—if you or the people at Hannaford’s ever need expert locksmith services.

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Will you help with my Clinton Ave. home’s malfunctioning garage lock?

Should you ever have trouble with the garage security to your Clinton Ave. home, get in touch with our lock professionals right away. There’s no need for your safety to ever be compromised—not even for the shortest moment, not when our experts are ready to help you. We’re here at any hour of the day so that we can be available for calls like yours. Our trained specialists know just how to fix your garage locks, so don’t ever hesitate to make a request of them. We want you to have the best kind of household protection; Albany Locksmiths can provide that for you with the skills of our experts.

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Can I have a master key system installed in my business at Stuyvesant Plaza?

If you’re interested in improving the safety standards of your business, you’ve gotten in touch with just the right people. We’re here to offer you all the advice and assistance you could ever need when it comes to commercial security. For instance, a master key system might be the ideal solution to amp up your business’s security; however, there are some specific cases where this might not be so. In order for us to make sure that a master key system is right for you and your Stuyvesant Plaza business, we’ll have to let our specialists make an examination of the premises and determine whether or not to continue with the master key system installation. If so, you’ll get the best system available; if such a system would not be desirable for your business, Albany Locksmiths will be more than glad to recommend and implement a much better, more fitting solution.

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Are you able to come out to a Save-A-Lot and work on my motorcycle ignition?

We can make our way over to any Save-A-Lot in the city. Just give us the address and we’ll have a mobile locksmith come right over to your non-functioning vehicle. Our contractors will be able to help return your bike back to working order: they’ll find out what needs to be repaired regarding your ignition, and, even if a rekey is needed, or any further automotive lock solutions, they’ll get the job done for you. If you ever need aid with your motorbike’s locks, Albany Locksmiths is the place to call.

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Can I get a residential safe for my offices in the Home Savings Bank Building?

Count on the professionals at Albany Locksmiths to supply you and your offices in the Home Savings Bank Building with all the safe solutions you could need. There’s really no such thing as a safe that is specifically used for houses; whatever safe you need should always meet whatever needs you have—whether it’s for your home or your office. Get a consultation with our locksmiths experts and you’ll discover all the advice you could want regarding which safe is the best fit for your commercial needs.


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Do you open jammed trunks for cars located by the Crossgates Mall?

The contractors at Albany Locksmiths will rush over to wherever your vehicle might be found by the Crossgates Mall. Our professional locksmiths specialize in all kinds of automotive locksmith solutions—which is why that jammed trunk won’t be bothering you any longer when you call over our trained locksmiths. No matter what kind of obstruction is causing the lock of your trunk to jam—whether it needs to be removed, or is an indication that some sort of more involved lock repair is needed—our contractors are totally prepared. Once the specialists of Albany Locksmiths arrive on the scene, you can be sure that all the products you purchase in the mall will fit in your car’s trunk without any issues.

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Are you available to perform security evaluations for my Eagle Hill house?

You can call over our talented locksmiths whenever you need some sort of security evaluation for your home in Eagle Hill. If you intend to move and want some sort of appraisal, just leave it up to Albany Locksmiths to provide all the intricate data that’s invaluable to home appraisals. If you’d like to get a thorough survey of the safety standards of your home, and want a real professional to scrutinize every inch of your house the way only our experts can, then our contractors are the right ones for the job. They’ll discover all the vulnerabilities in the structure of your household security. When our professionals have completed their survey, you’ll get a complete overview of all the weaknesses and strengths of your home’s lock and key status—right down to the smallest detail. Trust in Albany Locksmiths to provide all the exhaustive residential evaluations you need: nothing gets past our professionals, of that you can be sure.

Jobs available for experienced locksmith technicians. Contact us at jobs@remove-this.24-7mobile-locksmith.com

We service the following zip code areas:

Albany County:

12007 Alcove, NY
12009 Altamont, NY
12023 Berne, NY
12041 Clarksville, NY
12045 Coeymans, NY
12046 Coeymans Hollow, NY
12047 Cohoes, NY
12053 Delanson, NY
12054 Delmar, NY
12055 Dormansville, NY
12059 East Berne, NY
12067 Feura Bush, NY
12077 Glenmont, NY
12084 Guilderland, NY
12085 Guilderland Center, NY
12107 Knox, NY
12110 Latham, NY
12120 Medusa, NY
12122 Middleburgh, NY
12128 Newtonville, NY
12143 Ravena, NY

12147 Rensselaerville, NY
12158 Selkirk, NY
12159 Slingerlands, NY
12161 South Bethlehem, NY
12183 Troy, NY
12186 Voorheesville, NY
12189 Watervliet, NY
12193 Wasterlo, NY
12201 Albany, NY
12202 Albany, NY
12203 Albany, NY
12204 Albany, NY
12205 Albany, NY
12206 Albany, NY
12207 Albany, NY
12208 Albany, NY
12209 Albany, NY
12210 Albany, NY
12211 Albany, NY
12212 Albany, NY
12214 Albany, NY

12220 Albany, NY
12222 Albany, NY
12223 Albany, NY
12224 Albany, NY
12225 Albany, NY
12226 Albany, NY
12227 Albany, NY
12228 Albany, NY
12229 Albany, NY
12230 Albany, NY
12231 Albany, NY
12232 Albany, NY
12233 Albany, NY
12234 Albany, NY
12235 Albany, NY
12236 Albany, NY
12237 Albany, NY
12238 Albany, NY
12239 Albany, NY
12240 Albany, NY
12241 Albany, NY

12242 Albany, NY
12243 Albany, NY
12244 Albany, NY
12245 Albany, NY
12246 Albany, NY
12247 Albany, NY
12248 Albany, NY
12249 Albany, NY
12250 Albany, NY
12252 Albany, NY
12255 Albany, NY
12256 Albany, NY
12257 Albany, NY
12260 Albany, NY
12261 Albany, NY
12288 Albany, NY
12303 Schenectady, NY
12304 Schenectady, NY
12309 Schenectady, NY
12469 Preston Hollow, NY

Fulton County:

12025 Broadalbin, NY
12032 Caroga Lake, NY
12078 Gloversville, NY

12095 Johnstown, NY
12117 Wayfield, NY
12134 Northville, NY

13329 Dolgeville, NY
13339 Fort Plain, NY
13452 Saint Johnsville, NY

13470 Stratford, NY

Montgomery County:

12010 Amsterdam, NY
12016 Auriesville, NY
12066 Esperance, NY
12068 Fonda, NY

12069 Fort Hunter, NY
12070 Fort Johnson, NY
12072 Fultonville, NY
12086 Hagaman, NY

12166 Sprakers, NY
12177 Tribes Hill, NY
13317 Canajoharie, NY
13339 Fort Plain, NY

13410 Nelliston, NY
13428 Palatine Bridge, NY
13452 Saint Johnsville, NY
13459 Sharon Springs, NY

Saratoga County:

12019 Ballston Lake, NY
12020 Ballston Spa, NY
12025 Broadalbin, NY
12027 Burnt Hills, NY
12065 Clifton Park, NY
12074 Galway, NY

12118 Mechanicville, NY
12134 Northville, NY
12148 Rexford, NY
12151 Round Lake, NY
12170 Stillwater, NY
12188 Waterford, NY

12803 South Glens Falls, NY
12822 Corinth, NY
12828 Fort Edward, NY
12831 Gansevoort, NY
12833 Greenfield Center, NY
12835 Hadley, NY

12850 Middle Grove, NY
12859 Porter Corners, NY
12863 Rock City Falls, NY
12866 Saratoga Springs, NY
12871 Schuylerville, NY
12884 Victory Mills, NY

Schenectady County:

12008 Alplaus, NY
12010 Amsterdam, NY
12027 Burnt Hills, NY
12053 Delanson, NY
12056 Duanesburg, NY

12137 Pattersonville, NY
12141 Quaker Street, NY
12148 Rexford, NY
12150 Rotterdam Junction, NY
12301 Schenectady, NY

12302 Schenectady, NY
12303 Schenectady, NY
12304 Schenectady, NY
12305 Schenectady, NY
12306 Schenectady, NY

12307 Schenectady, NY
12308 Schenectady, NY
12309 Schenectady, NY
12325 Schenectady, NY
12345 Schenectady, NY

Washington County:

12809 Argyle, NY
12816 Cambridge, NY
12819 Clemons, NY
12821 Comstock, NY
12823 Cossayuna, NY

12827 Fort Ann, NY
12828 Fort Edward, NY
12832 Granville, NY
12834 Greenwich, NY
12837 Hampton, NY

12838 Hartford, NY
12839 Hudson Galls, NY
12841 Huletts Landing, NY
12848 Middle Falls, NY
12849 Middle Granville, NY

12854 North Granville, NY
12861 Putnam Station, NY
12865 Salem, NY
12873 Shushan, NY
12887 Whitehall, NY

Rensselaer County:

12018 Averill Park, NY
12022 Berlin, NY
12024 Brainard, NY
12028 Buskirk, NY
12033 Castleton On Hudson, NY
12040 Cherry Plain, NY
12052 Cropseyville, NY
12057 Eagle Bridge, NY
12061 East Greenbush, NY

12062 East Nassau, NY
12063 East Schodak, NY
12082 Grafton, NY
12089 Hoosick, NY
12090 Hoosick Falls, NY
12094 Johnsonville, NY
12118 Mechanicville, NY
12121 Melrose, NY
12123 Nassau, NY

12133 North Hoosick, NY
12138 Petersburg, NY
12140 Poestenkill, NY
12144 Rensselaer, NY
12153 Sand Lake, NY
12154 Schaghticoke, NY
12156 Scchodack Landing, NY
12168 Stephentown, NY
12169 Stephentown, NY

12180 Troy, NY
12181 Troy, NY
12182 Troy, NY
12185 Valley Falls, NY
12196 West Sand Lake, NY
12198 Wynantskill, NY

Otsego County:

12064 East Worcester, NY
12116 Maryland, NY
12149 Richmondville, NY
12155 Schenevus, NY
12197 Worcester, NY
13315 Burlington Flats, NY
13320 Cherry Valley, NY
13326 Coopestown, NY
13333 East Springfield, NY

13335 Edmeston, NY
13337 Fly Creek, NY
13342 Garrattsville, NY
13348 Hartwick, NY
13415 New Lisbon, NY
13439 Richfield Springs, NY
13450 Roseboom, NY
13457 Schuyler Lake, NY
13468 Springfield Center, NY

13475 Van Hornesville, NY
13482 West Burlington, NY
13485 West Edmeston, NY
13488 Westford, NY
13747 Colliersville, NY
13776 Gilbertsville, NY
13796 Laurens, NY
13807 Milford, NY
13808 Morris, NY

13809 Mount Upton, NY
13810 Mount Vision, NY
13820 Oneonta, NY
13825 Otego, NY
13834 Portlandville, NY
13838 Sidney, NY
13849 Unadilla, NY
13859 Wells Bridge, NY
13861 West Oneonta, NY

Schoharie County:

12031 Carlisle, NY
12035 Central Bridge, NY
12036 Charlotteville, NY
12043 Cobleskill, NY
12071 Fultonham, NY
12073 Gallupville, NY

12076 Gilboa, NY
12092 Howes Cave, NY
12093 Jefferson, NY
12122 Middleburgh, NY
12131 North Blenheim, NY
12149 Richmondville, NY

12157 Schoharie, NY
12160 Sloansville, NY
12167 Stamford, NY
12175 Summit, NY
12187 Warnerville, NY
12194 West Fulton, NY

12434 Grand Gorge, NY
12469 Preston Hollow, NY
13459 Sharon Springs, NY

Delaware County:

12093 Jefferson, NY
12167 Stamford, NY
12406 Arkville, NY
12421 Denver, NY
12430 Fleischmanns, NY
12434 Grand Gorge, NY
12438 Halcottsville, NY
12455 Margaretville, NY
12459 New Kingsotn, NY
12468 Prattsville, NY

12474 Roxbury, NY
12760 Long Eddy, NY
12776 Roscoe, NY
13731 Andes, NY
13739 Bloomville, NY
13740 Bovina Center, NY
13750 Davenport, NY
13751 Davenport Center, NY
13752 Delancey, NY
13753 Delhi, NY

13754 Deposit, NY
13755 Downsviller, NY
13756 East Branch, NY
13757 East Meredith, NY
13774 Fishs Eddy, NY
13775 Franklin, NY
13782 Hamden, NY
13783 Hancock, NY
13786 Hapersfield, NY
13788 Hobart, NY

13804 Mansonville, NY
13806 Meridale, NY
13825 Otego, NY
13838 Sidney, NY
13839 Sidney Center, NY
13842 South Kortright, NY
13846 Treadwell, NY
13847 Trout Creek, NY
13856 Walton, NY
13860 West Davenport, NY

Greene County:

12015 Athens, NY
12042 Climax, NY
12046 Coeymans Hollow, NY
12051 Coxsackie, NY
12058 Earlton, NY
12083 Greenville, NY
12087 Hannacroix, NY
12124 New Baltimore, NY
12176 Surprise, NY
12192 West Coxsackie, NY

12405 Acra, NY
12407 Ashland, NY
12413 Cairo, NY
12414 Catskill, NY
12418 Cornwallville, NY
12422 Durham, NY
12423 East Durham, NY
12424 East Jewett, NY
12427 Elka Park, NY
12430 Fleischmanns, NY

12431 Freehold, NY
12436 Haines Falls, NY
12439 Hensonville, NY
12442 Hunter, NY
12444 Jewett, NY
12450 Lanesville, NY
12451 Leeds, NY
12452 Lexington, NY
12454 Maplecrest, NY
12460 Oak Hill, NY

12463 Palenville, NY
12468 Prattsville, NY
12469 Preston Hollow, NY
12470 Purling, NY
12473 Round Top, NY
12480 Shandaken, NY
12482 South Cairo, NY
12485 Tannserville, NY
12492 West Kill, NY
12496 Windham, NY

Columbia County:

12017 Austerlitz, NY
12029 Canaan, NY
12037 Chatham, NY
12050 Columbiaville, NY
12060 East Catham, NY
12062 East Nassau, NY
12075 Ghent, NY
12106 Kinderhook, NY
12115 Malden Bridge, NY
12125 New Lebanon, NY

12130 Niverville, NY
12132 North Catham, NY
12136 Old Chatham, NY
12156 Schodack Landing, NY
12165 Spencer town, NY
12172 Stottville, NY
12173 Stuyvesant, NY
12174 Stuyvesant Falls, NY
12184 Valatie, NY
12195 West lebanon, NY

12502 Ancram, NY
12503 Ancramdale, NY
12513 Claverack, NY
12516 Copake, NY
12517 Copake Falls, NY
12521 Craryville, NY
12523 Elizaville, NY
12526 Germantown, NY
12529 Hillsdale, NY
12530 Hollowville, NY

12534 Hudson, NY
12541 Livingston, NY
12544 Mellenville, NY
12546 Millerton, NY
12565 Philmont, NY
12567 Pine Planes, NY
12583 Tivoli, NY